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Why Us?

First we pride ourselves in our customer service level, we provide a high level of professionalism and listen to our clients wants & concerns. We also are highly engaged with the Marijuana business, by sponsoring many events or participating. Our ability to understand how a Marijuana business would like to have their security deployed allows us to implement security plans and deployments very quickly.

By choosing the right experienced company in high level security is the most important decision you will make in protecting your Marijuana product and assets.

Precision Risk Management Group (PRMG) has been providing comprehensive corporate security services, including investigations, personal protection, and specialized training solutions.

We also offer special operations services for high-risk scenarios, tactical armed response and overseas missions as required.

In our complicated world, corporate security challenges are growing ever more complex.  That is nowhere more evident today than in the business world.  Many organizations are facing challenges they have never come up against before – challenges that require a more proactive approach to security.

Following years of experience serving large corporate interests, we are now focusing on relationships with local Marijuana business’s.

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