Security Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis

Threat Assessment




The first step in a risk management program is a threat assessment.  The assessment should examine supporting information to evaluate the relative likelihood of occurrence for each threat.  The type of assets and/or activity located in the facility may also increase the target attractiveness in the eyes of the criminal.


The type of criminal act may vary based on the potential adversary and the method of attack most likely to be successful for a given scenario. 


However, if security at a facility makes mounting a successful attack too difficult, the criminal may be diverted to a nearby facility that may not be as attractive from an a amount of assets perspective, but has a higher probability of success due to the absence of adequate security.




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Vulnerability Assessment




Vulnerability is defined to be a combination of the attractiveness of a facility as a target and the level of deterrence and/or defense provided by the existing countermeasures.


Target attractiveness is a measure of the asset or facility in the eyes of a criminal and is influenced by the cash / asset value and/or function of the facility.  This allows a Marijuana facility owner to interpret the potential benefit that can be achieved by implementing various structural upgrades to the building frame, wall, roof and/or windows, teamed with high level professional security guards. 





Upgrade Recommendations




Based on the findings from the risk analysis, the next step in the process is to identify countermeasure upgrades that will lower the various levels of risk. 


If a Marijuana dispensary has minimum standard countermeasures for a given facility level which are not currently present, these countermeasures should automatically be included in the upgrade recommendations.


Additional countermeasure upgrades above the dispensary recommended minimum standards should be recommended as necessary to address the specific threats and associated unacceptable risks identified for the facility.




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