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Security Professional Pre-Application

Please fill out the pre-qualification application below.  We are collecting applicant information for marijuana facility guards and secure transporters in the State of Michigan only.  Anticipated pay range is $14 to $18 per hour, depending on qualifications and position. 

Information is being collected in anticipation of contracts with medical marijuana business throughout the state that are expected to begin in Spring or Summer/2017 (exact dates TBD).  There are no current positions available. 

All positions will require completion of an unpaid training course and extensive background screening.  Further, applicants will be frequently tested for the use of marijuana and other controlled substances, and may not be a registered medical marijuana patient or caregiver in any state. 

This pre-qualification is only the first step in the application process.  If you are considered for employment, you will be notified of additional steps in the application process. 


Preferred Experience (All answers are required)