Michigan Marijuana Security Operations


Michigan Marijuana Security Specialists

  • All security specialists go through a rigorous 50 hour training course.
  • Security guards specializing in dispensary security.
  • Trained in the Michigan marijuana law requirements to help keep clients in compliance.
  • Armed or unarmed security guards are available and trained to keep transparency.


  • With MSO you will have peace of mind, confidence in the safety of your business, employees, and your product.
  • We are customer driven, we listen to our clients demands and deliver as promised.

State Required Security Planning 

  • At MSO we specialize in the MMFLA licensing process (security plans are required by the State).
  • All our security plans are designed by veteran security professionals.
  • Guaranteed to pass state and municipal approval.
  • MSO is consistent in staying up to date with State of Michigan and municipality licensing, and security requirements.


  • MSO will be the solution to your transportation or dispensary Michigan Marijuana licensing security requirements.
  • Be ahead of your competition with MSO complete security requirements.

Secure Transportation

  • Highly trained transport security specialists.
  • Beyond a rigorous 50 hour training course, our transportation professionals go through an extra 30 hours of additional intense training to meet all security level requirements.
  • With years of experience in providing armed diamond transportation and armored vehicle, you can be fully confident MSO is the security company to keep your locations and transport vehicles secure at all times.
  • MSO is fully compliant with State of Michigan Marijuana transportation security requirements.
  • In order to keep your product compliant and under constant supervision our specialists use METRC to track your Marijuana product from seed to sale.

The MSO Advantage: 

  • Peace of mind your specialized conveyor will be fully compliant with all the State of Michigan security requirements necessary.
  • Our security professionals are fully trained in keeping transparency in mind.

With MSO, your product will be transported by a trained security professional not your local beer distributor truck driver.


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