Marijuana SEcure Transportation Security Services

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MSO is METRC compliant industry side and regulatory side

We are in compliance with the METRC safe and secure delivery requirements, by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology combined with serialized item tracking, the system creates an “end to end” surveillance system giving you a bird’s eye view where your cannabis product is located along with arrival time.

Secure Michigan Cannabis Delivery

MSO is in full compliance with the state of Michigan to be your trusted cannabis and Marijuana transportation security company.  Don’t risk losing your license contact us for a complete risk assessment plan. A security plan is required by the State of Michigan to stay in compliance, we will keep you safe!

The Importance of GPS Tracking

All of Marijuana Security Operations Transport Vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices as mandated by the state of Michigan cannabis law requirements.  The risk of theft has increased since the demand of medical cannabis has grown, GPS tracking devices provide a way to know the whereabouts of the delivery vehicles at all times, allowing for faster delivery by giving the fastest delivery route. Don’t put your product and cash at risk of theft contact us for security in transport planning consultation!

Professional Security Experts

MSO military and law enforcement trained professionals will be provided after passing MSO’s rigorous security training, with experience in covert operations night or day we will remain invisible with one goal in mind, to deliver your cannabis product safely, secure, and expeditiously! Call us today your only Michigan compliant security agency!

Why is Secure Transport needed?

  • Only a fully licensed Secure Transporter under Michigan Medical Marijuana laws can move product or cash.
  • Limited banking access means that dispensaries, marijuana retail stores, operate with extra cash and assets on hand.
  • The most vulnerable point in the supply chain is during transportation.  A fully licensed security company with trained professionals is detrimental to keeping your marijuana, assets, and cash secure. 

Professionally trained experts

Our couriers are armed trained experts in making sure all your cannabis health supply deliveries are provided in a safe and secure manner. Our armed vehicles provide an extra extensive security layer for all your product and asset deliveries. We are your Michigan trusted cannabis delivery profession

Multiple Facility Delivery

MSO’s advanced route planning allows for your cannabis products to be delivered quickly and safely. Our route plans are designed prior to delivery for not just the best route in mind but also the safest routes.  Our transporters are professionals with specialized training in Convoy Operations, that will have your product and cash delivered safely as well as staying out of arms way.