Inside MSO: Marijuana Security Officer Training Class 20-007

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Take a rare look inside marijuana security officer training during an interview with new recruit Dempsey VanderHeyden.

VanderHeyden:  (I Grew up in Belgium.) At the age of 18, I joined Airborne Commandos, The Green Berets of Belgium. I served there for three years, and never got deployed. I had my first back surgery from jumping out of planes at 21, (and then after that) back surgery, I went into sales, I’m gonna say for about three years. (Then) I joined The French Foreign Legion, because they would still take me with the back injury. The Belgian army wouldn’t. I served five years in the Airborne Division, 2nd Rep in The French Foreign Legion.

(I got into) the guard business, but unarmed security at a rehab (facility), (and) a security officer, a juvenile correction officer. Then I saw the ad. A requirement was a CPL (Conceled Pistol License), that was like the thing which I
have. So I was like, yeah, this sounds really good. Applied for it, got a phone call, and now we’re here. I’m excited.

Interviewer: What are some of the places you were at in the military?

VanderHeyden: I served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.

Interviewer: Awesome. Thank you. And you did that for eight years?

VenderHeyden: Well, five, for those countries. Five years; two years in Africa, about a year in Iraq, and maybe eight months in Afghanistan.

Interviewer: Awesome. Thank you.

VanderHeyden: You’re welcome.

MSO is proud to have Dempsey on the team! His exemplary military record and training, with overseas experience, is exactly what we look for in marijuana security officer recruits.

Dempsey comes to MSO with skill in firearms and tactics from his time in the military, as well as civilian security experience.  This gives him a great background for cannabis security.