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Marijuana Diamond Transportation & Security


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PRMG Transportation, Security and Compliance

  • In the marijuana business there are inconsistencies between federal, state and local laws. Businesses in the cannabis industry are finding it difficult to safely protect their product and cash when its moved between marijuana facilities.
  • In the state of Michigan a security plan is required by law for a license to be approved under the Michigan Marijuana Laws.
  • In addition to this already complicated process, criminals are targeting product and cash during transportation due to it being a highly vulnerable point in the seed – to – sale chain.

No Security = Increased Liability!

  • Often medical marijuana dispensaries will use employees or other internal resources to transport marijuana within state boundaries. This will not just increase liability but will also put staff members at risk.
  • A carjacking, holdup or transport robbery can happen in seconds and criminals can quickly steal marijuana, thousands of dollars in cash, and end up injuring a staff member or grow operator before law enforcement can arrive on the scene.
  • An additional risk added on top of robbery, would be a scenario where an employee or grower could be arrested while in transport, or have the product and cash confiscated by law enforcement if the transporter is not fully licensed.
  • Only a licensed Secure Transporter under Michigan Medical Marijuana laws can move product or cash.

Don’t risk not obtaining or losing a license!

Why Choose PRMG Security?

  • PRMG anticipates being fully licensed under the Michigan Marijuana Laws as a secure transporter.
  • Our armed security transporters are not your regular security guard or truck driver, in most cases our guards have backgrounds in the military or law enforcement, they are highly trained, skilled professionals with specialized training in vehicle convoy operations while deployed overseas. Every single selected security professional will have their background checks on financial, driving and criminal records. 
  • All PRMG specialists are fully trained in METRC’s seed-to-sale tracking system, allowing our armed guards to keep your product under constant secure supervision.

Diamond armored security fleet

  • Along with PRMG high level armed guard security specialists our Diamond fleet of armored and covert vehicles can pickup product and cash from any licensed marijuana dispensary facility and deliver to any other licensed marijuana facility in the state of Michigan.
  • Our diamond fleet includes all-wheel drive vehicles for those hard to reach locations and refrigerated vehicles to protect product during those hot summer months.

The PRMG Compliance Security Advantage

  1. PRMG professional security planning will advance business’s to acquire their license, decrease liability, protect employee’s and grow operators.
  2. PRMG skilled professionals with specialized training in Convoy Operations will keep your product and cash secure!
  3. By outsourcing the security for business’s in the cannabis industry, PRMG is allowing dispensaries, grow operators, and processing facilities to focus on making their product better and not lose sleep wondering if their delivery will be hijacked or make it to the point of sale.