Is Your Business Safe After Dark?

MSO offers daily on-site Armed Guards, as well as overnight Patrol Services to make sure your business is protected even when you aren’t there.

It’s 8PM. Closing time. You pack up your register, turn off the lights, and lock the front door of your business. As you turn out of the parking lot, you give one last glance back at your pride and joy. A business you’ve poured your sweat and blood into, building it from the ground up. As you go about your night back at home, your business sits vulnerable. Only a deadbolt between your assets and the outside world.


According to various studies in the United States, the average burglar will take 8-12 minutes to get in and out of your business, taking thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Also in the United States, the average police response time is 15+ minutes for a burglary-related incident. That means a burglar destroys your property, sifts through your products, and leaves before any capacity of help arrives.


But, when the police do get there, they’ll be able to recover your merchandise, right? Not likely.


Annually, there is an average of 2.5 MILLION burglaries across the nation. However, FBI data shows that only 1 out of 10 burglaries will be solved. So just like that, an average day turns into a business owner’s worst nightmare.


How can you prevent this scenario? A professional, armed, security presence. 


A security guard presence is the BEST way to deter theft at your business. On-site guards outperform security cameras, alarm systems, and security signage. 


MSO offers daily on-site armed guards, as well as overnight Patrol Services. At MSO, our guards are trained by law enforcement and military professionals. Our fleet is trained for any situation that your business may encounter.  Your business’s security is our priority. 

Contact us today and learn how our services will ensure the safety of your business!