A client called me the other day to ask if he needed security for his hemp cultivation operation.  He owns a local greenhouse where he is growing hemp. The client has retired police officers telling him that he’s crazy not to have security! 

The man also said that his cultivation consultant told him that he needs secure transportation.  His consultant told him that if he tries to just put hemp on a truck and take it down the road, he’s asking to get robbed. 

He called us to ask if that made sense?

I told him “Yes it does. Because the bad guys don’t know the difference between hemp and marijuana”. 

Hemp and marijuana are very similar. Hemp looks like marijuana and Hemp Securitysmells similar to marijuana.  While the plants are very similar, hemp has nearly all of the THC removed.  Hemp also doesn’t have nearly the black market value of marijuana. 

Criminals have taken to stealing from hemp cultivators and processors, as well as hijacking hemp shipments. This is because they are hoping to get their hands on the higher value cash crop. 

What does this mean for hemp farmers and processors? It means that the need for good security is just as important with hemp as it is in the marijuana industry.

Marijuana Security Operations specializes in all aspects of hemp security. 

We provide on-site armed security, secure transport, and security planning.