Security Cameras Don’t Stop Crime

marijuana security cameras

Many people overly rely on security cameras.  They tend to think that cameras are all they need to secure their marijuana facility.  It’s important to understand that cameras, by themselves, don’t actually stop crime.

When designing marijuana security plans, clients often ask if they need marijuana security guards in addition to security cameras.  After investing large amounts of money into a surveillance system, they feel that is all they should need to stop crime and internal loss. Whether it is a cultivation, provisioning, processing, or safety compliance facility.

I usually answer the question by asking them what their goals are for their security system.  If their goal is to stop crime at their cannabis facility, with only security cameras, they may need to be more realistic about their expectations.

It’s important to understand two things about what video surveillance systems do.  They first thing they are able to do is alert a response element (e.g. security guards, police, business owner/employee) to what is happening.  This only works as long as someone is actively monitoring the video feeds and able to quickly respond to what is being seen.  Otherwise, security cameras become an investigative tool.

Security Cameras are an Investigative Tool

This takes us to the primary function of security cameras in MMFLA facilities; as an investigative tool.  This is also why government agencies, such as the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) require facility owners to have surveillance systems with comprehensive coverage.  They, and the Michigan State Police officers who advise them, are well aware that few incidents at cannabis facilities are caught in the act.  Thus, they will need to rely on the cameras to investigate whatever issue or crime that occurred.

This is also why all entrance/exit into the camera room needs to be logged; Why all those with access to the surveillance system need to be logged; why there needs to be a camera in the room containing the recorders; and why the system needs to have video tampering detection.  The police want to ensure that video evidence of whatever compliance issue or crime is preserved.

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Should I Write My Own Marijuana Facility Security Plan?

Clients often ask me if they should write their own marijuana facility security plan, and my answer is…

That depends… 

  • How many years of security consulting, planning, and threat assessment do you have? 
  • How well do you understand your state’s marijuana facility security requirements? 
  • Do you have experience designing comprehensive and layered security systems?

These are some of the questions that come to mind when people ask me if they should write their own marijuana facility security plan.

While they may be experts in retail marijuana dispensaries, marijuana cultivation, or marijuana processing, I strongly advise they leave security to experienced professionals.

A client asked me the other day if they could just go to the hardware store and buy some cameras for their cultivation facility.  I then explained to them that the State of Michigan MMFLA security requirements aren’t looking for cheap residential cameras that you find at a home improvement store. 

To satisfy the state marijuana facility security requirements, we design state of the art, high definition, IP based camera systems.  

Questions like these are why you should spend the money and hire a professional consultant who is familiar with all state and municipal marijuana facility security requirements to write your security plan.

A good security plan can mean the difference between receiving state and/or municipal approval for your new marijuana business.