Security Requirements for “Grandfathered” Shops

Current Owners Need to Meet State Security Requirements

After reading an article about the 200 cease and desist letters that the State issued to existing marijuana shops.  I can’t help but wonder if many existing shop owners realize that they will need upgrades to meet marijuana security requirements? 

There are several medical marijuana facilities that are still legitimately operating. However, one thing that I don’t see many current locations doing is security upgrades. 

If those currently operating have municipal approval, and the State is supposed to be “shall issue” with licenses, then it may be a good idea to begin security upgrades.  The Michigan security requirements include camera systems, commercial doors and locks, as well as a full security plan, and more.  


Meeting Security Requirements Will Be Expensive

marijuana security requirements

We offer consulting services to clients that include a full security assessment and security plan. Plans are designed to meet both State of Michigan and municipal security requirements.  As part of our consulting package, we give clients a full camera layout designed to meet Administrative Rule 27.  We also include full access control and burglar alarm system.  As well as recommendations for general physical security upgrades to keep your operation secure.  

These full security systems can cost over $100,000 for a large site.  Unfortunately, the alternative is risking non-compliance when the State inspectors stop by.   When being out of compliance may cost you your license that is worth millions, the choice is clear. 


State Emergency Rule 27 – Security Planning

For those who may not be aware, Rule 27 is one of the State’s Emergency Rules.  It specifies many of the marijuana security requirements that the State is expecting to see.  It also states that the State is expecting every facility to have a security plan in place.

Should I Write My Own Marijuana Facility Security Plan?

Clients often ask me if they should write their own marijuana facility security plan, and my answer is…

That depends… 

  • How many years of security consulting, planning, and threat assessment do you have? 
  • How well do you understand your state’s marijuana facility security requirements? 
  • Do you have experience designing comprehensive and layered security systems?

These are some of the questions that come to mind when people ask me if they should write their own marijuana facility security plan.

While they may be experts in retail marijuana dispensaries, marijuana cultivation, or marijuana processing, I strongly advise they leave security to experienced professionals.

A client asked me the other day if they could just go to the hardware store and buy some cameras for their cultivation facility.  I then explained to them that the State of Michigan MMFLA security requirements aren’t looking for cheap residential cameras that you find at a home improvement store. 

To satisfy the state marijuana facility security requirements, we design state of the art, high definition, IP based camera systems.  

Questions like these are why you should spend the money and hire a professional consultant who is familiar with all state and municipal marijuana facility security requirements to write your security plan.

A good security plan can mean the difference between receiving state and/or municipal approval for your new marijuana business.