Saginaw Now Accepts Marijuana Establishment Applications!

 Saginaw Now Accepting marijuana Establishment Licenses! The Tri-Cities’ Marijuana industry is booming, and now Saginaw has joined in as well! After previously opting out of the industry in 2019, the city announced that it has now begun accepting applications for...

Inside MSO: Marijuana Security Officer Training Class 20-007

Take a rare look inside marijuana security officer training during an interview with new recruit Dempsey VanderHeyden. VanderHeyden:  (I Grew up in Belgium.) At the age of 18, I joined Airborne Commandos, The Green Berets of Belgium. I served there for three years,...

Does Your Cannabis Security Company Have the Right Insurance?

Cannabis business owners face pressure from all sides.  State regulations, local regulations, and heavy competition that may want to sabotage your business.  With all of the things you have to worry about, your cannabis security company shouldn't be one of them....

Security Cameras Don’t Stop Crime

Many people overly rely on security cameras.  They tend to think that cameras are all they need to secure their marijuana facility.  It's important to understand that cameras, by themselves, don't actually stop crime. When designing marijuana security plans, clients...

More Hemp Security Issues for Farmers

A recent article about a farmer in Kentucky highlights the hemp security issues surrounding cultivation and transportation.  The farmer in the article said the same thing that I have heard many clients say.  They never thought that growing hemp would have the same...

An Integrated Security Approach


Security Assessment & Planning

  • Marijuana facility threat assessments.
  • Evaluate the type & value of assets and/or activity located in the facility and risk level.
  • Design a customized security plan guaranteed to pass state and municipal approval.

Marijuana Facility Security Guards

  • Veterans of Military and Law Enforcement
  • 50 Hours of Training
  • Fully Qualified in De-escalation, Baton, Firearms, and more. 

Marijuana Secure Transport

  • Trained and experienced professionals in transportation security.
  • Fully state compliant with the METRC seed to sale tracking system.  
  • Transportation and storage of cash and marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are readly available to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding any Marijuana security requirements. 


  • Trained veterans in special operations & security. 
  • Trained veterans in convoy security (Diamond Transportation).
  • Protect your cannabis assets and your staff members.
  • MSO guarantees state and municipal approval. 
What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with any organization or individual looking for specialized security to protect their cannabis or hemp products, cash, or other assets.

We also work with any cultivation, dispensary, or processing looking to obtain state or municipal Marijuana licensing.

What is your turn around time?

Following a full assessment we provide a detailed and customized to clients specifications security plan within 3-5 business days.

Does MSO provide marijuana transportation security?

With years of experience in providing jewelry transportation, and as an MMFLA Secure Transporter, you can be fully confident MSO is the security company to keep your locations and cannabis product secure at all times.  

Our armed security transporters are not your regular security guard or truck driver, in most cases our guards have backgrounds in the military or law enforcement.